Advanced Ultrasonic Automatic Activated Cat & Pest Repellent Battery Operated



  • Advanced Powerful Ultrasound: This features the most powerful ultrasonic deterring signals on the market; it repels animals such as Cats, Foxes Squirrels and Rodents and is completely safe as it does not harm the animals
  • Extended Coverage Area: The advanced powerful ultrasonic signal sent out repels unwanted middle-sized animals within 26ft and 110 degree coverage area
  • Automatically Activated: The deterrent device has three settings with automatic dispelling signals at various time intervals. The ultra-bright LED lights flash and the ultrasonic speaker send out a powerful ultrasonic wave for around 5 seconds in order to deter unwanted pests
  • Easy to Use and Install: Simply unscrew the battery case, insert batteries and switch on. It can easily be mounted on a wall using the hook on the back of the device. It is also supplied with a sturdy aluminium ground stake for installing in the ground


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